Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Custom Urn R Us unique?

  • We assist you through the process of choosing an urn using your preferred method of communication to ensure you receive exactly what you want, when you need it.

  • We ship most non-custom urns the day your order is received.

  • We can design and ship custom urns in 3 days or less.

  • All of our products are hand finished by artists in the USA.

  • Our urns are manufactured using durable materials so they are airtight and waterproof.

  • Our urns are complete, no appliques or additional detailing is required.

Can I order an urn and have it delivered the next day?

Yes, in most cases non-customized urns ordered before noon (US Central Time Zone) can be shipped for next day delivery.  For more information please read our Shipping policy or call 630-697-1893.

What type of urn should I buy?

There’s no one decision that’s best for everyone, by considering the below you’ll make the best choice:

  • What material and style best reflects your loved one's personality?
  • Where is the final resting place? Mantel shelves, niches and burial sites all have certain requirements that need to be met. Consider appropriate urn material and dimensions based on your decision.
  • What is your budget? Metal vase urns are the most affordable followed by fiberglass burial urns, which offer the most style options.

How fast can I get a personalized urn?

If you’re simply adding your loved one's name and dates to a stock urn, it can generally be shipped in one day.  If your customizing the actual urn allow 2-4 days for production once you approve the art work.  For more information read our Shipping policy call 630-697-1893. 

How do I know what size urn is needed?

You’ll want to consider your loved one's weight and final resting place. Generally speaking, the size of the urn is based on weight.  You can approximate that one pound of body weight will require one cubic inch of urn volume.  For example, a 200 pound person would require a 200 cubic inch urn.  Keep in mind that our extra-large cremation urns are designed for someone weighing over 300 pounds. Once you determine the appropriate size urn, if your loved one will rest in a niche, please consider the niche size limitations. 

What is the best material for an urn?

The material you select depends on your individual taste and your loved one's final resting place. If you’re burying your loved one we recommend contacting the cemetery for their specific requirements. 

Are your cremation urns fireproof?

Cremation urns are designed to meet environmental factors related to in ground burial or interment in a mausoleum. All of our urns can withstand contact with fire, but none are not designed to resist the full heat of a raging house fire.  We manufacture our urns using five different materials.  The below list, sorted by material, outlines our urns from the most to least fire-resistant. 

  • Brass - melting point 1,710º, used for our brass keepsake heart urn.
  • Aluminum – melting point 1,221ºF, used for our niche, classic vase, 3-ring, football, beer keg, bowling ball, and all related sharing and keepsake urns.
  • Wooden – burns at 1,112ºF, used for our solid wood urn.
  • Fiberglass with polyester resin binder and topcoat – melting point of 300ºF, used for our fiberglass box urn, companion urn, and gas tank urn.

You can find the material and style of each urn on the respective product webpage under ‘details’.

What are the dimensions of the urns?

Please check our product details page for a full description of each urn style. 

Do I need to buy an urn from a funeral home or crematorium?

No.  According to the Federal Trade Commission, "the funeral provider may not refuse, or charge a fee, to handle a casket [or urn] you bought elsewhere." Therefore, you can purchase an urn from anywhere you please and bring it to the funeral home or crematorium.

Can I add an inscription to the urn?

Yes. We charge a $25.00 flat fee to add the name and dates to a metal nameplate that is affixed to the urn. If you want to add a passage or message please contact us to confirm it will fit, we'll advise you of any additional fee at that time.  If you prefer engraving directly on the urn, you can take it to a trophy store or jeweler and they can add your inscription.

Do I have to seal a cremation Urn?

If you’re burying your loved one it’s recommended that the unopened crematory plastic bag be placed directly into the urn, and that the urn threads be sealed with silicone caulking to ensure permanence and protect the ashes.  Your funeral home or crematory can assist you with this. If you’re not burying the urn it’s your personal preference, there are no sealing requirements. Watch How to Open and Close a Cremation Urn, to learn more. 

Can two people share the same urn?

A companion urn is intended to hold the remains of two people. The ashes can be commingled or remain separate, based on your wishes.  Generally, there are two separate plates for names and dates. 

Can I take an Urn with remains on an airplane?

Yes, but before you start your trip it’s important to understand the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and your airline of choices rules and regulations.

We suggest obtaining a Death Certificate and Certificate of Cremation before traveling.  Keep in mind that documentation alone is not sufficient to allow the urn to travel on the plane, it must also pass through an x-ray machine, and meet any other local laws at your destination. 

  • Carry-on: You are generally allowed to carry-on a crematory container, but it must pass through the x-ray machine. If the container is made of a material that prevents the screener from clearly seeing what is inside it may not be allowed through the security checkpoint. Out of respect for the deceased, the screener may not open the container under any circumstance.
  • Checked Baggage: Contact your specific airline to confirm they allow cremated remains as checked baggage. Most airlines allow the transport of an urn provided it is successfully screened.

How do I transfer the remains to an urn?

There are several options:

  1. Request that the crematory or funeral home perform this task. If either of these facilities transfer the ashes the bag is usually closed with an official seal.
  2. Transfer the ashes in the provided plastic bag yourself. In some instances, the urn will have a large enough opening that the plastic bag of ashes can be transfer directly without opening. Our fiberglass urns have the largest opening allowing the entire bag to slide inside without opening.
  3. Transfer the ashes by pouring them into the selected urn.

All of our urns come with a tight closing threaded seal. If desired, you may add silicone to the threads for a more permanent seal. 

How do I bury cremated remains?

If you plan on burying your loved one contact the cemetery or your counties office to ensure you are complying with required regulations. Some cemeteries and other burial locations have rules related to the urn material and construction, or they may require an urn vault. The FTC Funeral Rule provides additional information. Most of our vase and box style urns fit into VA niches and vaults.

Can Custom Urns R Us urns be used for pets?

Yes.  All of our urns are suitable for pets. To determine the appropriate size, use approximately one cubic inch per pound. Like all of our urns they can be personalized.

How do I know I will receive the urn in time for the planned service?

We use USPS and UPS for shipping, most urns are delivered in 1-4 days. Please remember these aren't guaranteed deliveries dates. If you require delivery by a certain date and time, we recommend expediting the order, which requires an additional fee.  Once your order is shipped, we provide tracking information so you can monitor the progress online.

My crematory wants the urn as soon as the cremation is completed. What can I do?

By law you can provide an urn from any source you select. Most crematories provide a sealed plastic bag or temporary container free of charge if an urn isn’t available. Then, when your urn arrives you can transfer the ashes (see above transfer options).  If you prefer someone else to transfer the remains, contact the crematory or funeral home, most provide a complementary transfer service.    

How big is the opening for the ashes?

It depends which urn you select:

  • Our fiberglass urns come with the industry’s largest opening of 4”, so there is no need to open your sealed bag of ashes, just slide the whole bag into the urn
  • Our metal vase urns have a 2” opening and may require pouring the ashes
  • Our keg, helmet, and keepsakes/child urns have a 1” inch opening and will require pouring

How much should I pay for an urn?

Depending on the urn you select prices range $70 to several thousand dollars.  Our urns range in price from $139.00-$450.00.